Terms of Service

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  1. Services and Products. CAFRDATA is a prototype system intended to give potential users an example of the powerful analytic capabilities of CAFRDATA. This system is for demonstration purposes only, used to demonstrate a sample range of capabilities and to gain potential user feedback. This prototype includes select financial, statistical, descriptive, and demographic data of representative counties and municipalities and may be expanded under separate contract. Users and potential users may not share access to the information in this product without permission from Darlene Lanham, Managing Director of Hill Country Advisory Group, CEO of CAFRDATA. Data is obtained from each entity’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) that was approved by the governing body.

  2. Payment Terms. Payment terms are subject to terms and conditions agreed to under separate contract.

  3. Warranties or guarantees. No warranties or guarantees are made about the accuracy of the data contained in the CAFRDATA prototype. Users are granted access for demonstration purposes only and should not use the data herein to make business decisions. Additional Warranties and guarantees may be issued under separate contract.

  4. Deadlines for delivering products or services. If you have the need for product enhancements or additional analytical services, please contact Darlene Lanham, Managing Director of Hill Country Advisory Group, CEO of CAFRDATA to discuss your needs.

  5. Failure to render products/services. CAFRDATA prototype is provided “as is.” A separate development contract with separate terms and conditions may be executed between the user and Hill Country Advisory Group. If potential user or user wishes to stop use of the CAFRDATA prototype, they may cease use at any time. If the user or potential user wishes to end the business relationship for additional products and services, it is subject to the terms of a separate contract.

  6. Governing Laws. CAFRDATA and users of CAFRDATA prototype are bound by the laws of Travis County, Texas and laws governing trademark and copyright.

  7. The user or potential users agrees to work in good faith with CAFRDATA developers and must notify Darlene Lanham using the contact form on this site 7 days in advance to terminate this agreement.